C.I.T. Program

CIT registration for the 2018 Season is open March 1st to June 1st

At Kidz Kamp Inc., we realize the potential of our youth. It’s because of that potential that we created the “Counsellor In Training” a.k.a. “C.I.T.” program. We encourage our kampers to become C.I.T.’s and hopefully to become a part time or full time counsellor when they are old enough.

CITs and MetcalfsWe take our C.I.T. program so seriously that we have a separate orientation for them and at least 2 meetings with them every week.

On Monday mornings we have a meeting with all of the C.I.T.’s together to let them know what we expect of them for the week, any changes to policies, which group/Counsellor they will be working with for the week, what their swimming schedule will be and when their lunch breaks will be for the week.

Every Friday we have one-on-one meetings with the site Supervisor or the Director and the C.I.T.’s to exchange constructive feedback on the week. We feel it’s the perfect opportunity to help our youth learn about work in the “real world” before they even get a job!

Our C.I.T.’s learn valuable life skills and lessons that will help them in years to come! Some of them are even able to use the hours they attend Kidz Kamp towards their volunteer hours that are required to graduate High School.


Each C.I.T. applicant must be between 14 and 16 years old  (please see our “Ages” information on the “About Us” page for more details).


  • Each C.I.T. applicant will be required to submit a 1 page letter to the Kaptain on why they would like to be a C.I.T.
  • Each C.I.T. applicant will be required to participate in a mini “interview” with the Kaptain and site Kommander.
  • Every selected C.I.T. is required to attend the orientation.
  • Any babysitting or first aid courses would be a definite bonus!

Responsibilities:Ahmed & Ari

  • Helping the Counsellors supervise the children: in the pool, on site and on field trips.
  • Taking children to the washroom.
  • Providing one-on-one (supervised) supervision to special needs children.
  • Helping the Counsellors with Arts & Crafts:
    • doing a sample of the daily craft,
    • setting up the supplies needed for the day’s crafts,
    • explaining the day’s craft to the children.


    Uniform shirts must be worn at all times, every day, regardless of the weather*. All of our staff and C.I.T.s must be easily identifiable at all times. This includes while in the pool and on all field trips. The following are the uniforms for each session that will be provided at no extra cost:

    • 4 week session: 4 Kidz Kamp tank tops & 1 Kidz Kamp long sleeve shirt.
    • 5 week session: 5 Kidz Kamp tank tops & 1 Kidz Kamp long sleeve shirt.
    • 7 week session: 5 Kidz Kamp tank tops & 2 Kidz Kamp long sleeve shirts.

    * Extra uniform shirts are available for purchase. Extra shirts or hoodies must be ordered upon registration and are as follows:

    – Hoodies – $30Neon & Swift underwater
    – long sleeve shirts – $20
    – tank top shirts – $17


    • 4 week session: $360 (works out to $90.00/week)
    • 5 week session: $430 (works out to $86.00/week)   
    • 7 week session: $560 (works out to $80.00/week)

    (These fees include all field trips, uniforms and swimming costs.)