Early Bird Payment Plan

Early Bird Details & Form:

To help with stress of summer camp, Kidz Kamp Inc. has come up with a solution for hard working parents!  The “Early Bird Payment Plan”.  It’s easy…you just complete the “Early Bird” form below!  You can complete the form between January 1st to January 31st.

You choose how often and how much you want to pay.  Then simply make your payments by e-transfer to michelle@kidz-kamp.com between January and April and build a “credit” at Kidz Kamp Inc.  Final payments for the Early Bird Plan will be no later than April 30th.

You must complete the on-line registration form any time between April 1st & April 30th.

Once your registration is received we’ll apply your “credit”.  We’ll let you know what your balance is and you pay it by May 30th.  ($240 x # of weeks registered – Pre-paid Total = Balance Owing)


Here is the fine print:

  • Only the weeks that have been paid in full by May 15th will be guaranteed.
  • Week of Great Wolf Lodge is an additional $25 to cover the cost of dinner & lunch.
  • Total payment will be put towards registration starting with the first week registered until payment is exhausted.
    (For example:  If registration is for weeks 2, 3, 5, 6 & 8 and only $700 is paid, weeks 2, 3 & 5 will be guaranteed; weeks 6 & 8 will not be guaranteed until they are paid in full.)
  • There will be no refund of over-payments.
    (Example:  If early bird payments are $1,000 {8 payments x $125} and registration on April 30th is for only 4 weeks {$240 x 4 = $960}, there will be no refund for the difference {$40}).  The difference will be left as a “credit” for future camps.
  • There will be no refund for any days, weeks or trips missed for any reason.
  • Only e-transfers will be accepted for the Early Bird Payment Plan.
  • There are no discounts applicable to the payment plan.

Early Bird Form

  • Please select how often you would like to make payments.
  • How many payments will you be making between January and April 30th?
  • Please select the dollar amount you would like to make on a regular frequency.
  • To calculate: take the "Total # of Payments" x the "Total $ Amount / Payment". (For example: 4 monthly payments x $100 = $400)
  • At this time, how many weeks do you think you will be registering your child(ren) for?