Q:  What is the age range you take?
A:  5 to 13 years old.

Q:  If my child turns 5 later this year are they allowed to attend Kidz Kamp?
A:  As long as your child turns 5 before December 31st of this year, has attended JK and does not need to take a nap during the day, they are allowed to come.

Q:  What is your ratio?
A:  On site – 1:12; On field trips – 1:6

Q:  What time does the camp start?
A:  Kids are to be dropped off between 7:00 am & 9:00 am.

Q:  What time does the camp end?
A:  Kids are to be picked up between 4:00 pm & 6:00 pm.

Q:  Are the kids picked up by a bus or do we drop them off?
A:  Parents drop the kids off at the camp.

Q:  Where do we drop the kids off?
A:  At the Dixie Curling Club, 3071 Palstan Rd.

Q:  What activities do the kids do all day?
A:  Play outside for the majority of the day at a basketball court, soccer field, playground, baseball diamond, green space and blacktop.
A:  Play different sports (ie: soccer, baseball, etc.), outdoor activities (ie: SPUD, tag, etc.), and indoor activities (ie: Squirt, Wax Museum, etc.).
A:  We go swimming at a local pool twice a week.
A:  Each group does an art or craft every day.
A:  We go on a field trip once a week.

Q:  Do you go on the field trip every day?
A:  No, we only go on the field trip one day (usually Wednesday) a week.

Q:  Are the kids all together in one group?
A:  No.  Kids are divided into groups of 12 (on site) according to their age.

Q:  How do you keep track of all those kids on those field trips?
A:  Each kid wears a purple “Kidz Kamp” t-shirt.
A:  The kids are divided into groups of 6 according to their age.  Each counsellor is responsible for 1 group of 6 kids.
A:  CIT’s (ages 14 to 16) help with the counsellors with the youngest kids.

Q:  Do we have to register for the whole summer?
A:  No.  You pick whichever weeks you want your child(ren) to attend.

Q:  When do I have to register by?
A:  There is no deadline, but the sooner the better.  The better the field trip the faster the weeks fill up.

Q:  Can my kids bring their tablets, phones or computers?
A:  No.  We are an “electronic-free” camp.  We feel that kids should be outside playing and being kids in the summer.  It also makes all kids equal:  no one has something that someone else can’t afford.