Meet The Team

Our success – people we employ.

Kaptain Mikki:


Michelle is a mother of 2 (a 12 year old son and an 18 year old daughter).  She has had extensive experience with children of all ages working as a Day Camp Counsellor. This is Mikki’s 9th year operating Kidz Kamp.  She’s looking forward to seeing all those smiling kids again this year!

Mikki makes sure her 1st Aid / CPR certification is always up to date, including CPR C in which she learns techniques to be used on children.

In 2017, Mikki also took a course for “Understanding & Managing Aggressive Behaviour” to help support the Kid Keepers.

Kommander Dragon:


Chris is a father of 2 (a 14 year old son and a 16 year old daughter). Dragon got his name from his love of the game “Dungeons & Dragons”. He has been an integral part of Kidz Kamp for the last 5 years helping us with site set up & take down, field trips, planning and logistics. Dragon will be joining us on our overnight field trips to Great Wolf Lodge and Camping again this summer. Chris has recently taken up diving and is on his way to becoming a Dive Master!

Kid Keeper

Issy is in her 2nd year at Ryerson taking Science!  Issy came to us in 2015 (as a Part Time Counsellor), highly recommended by our longest standing counsellor, Go-Go.  You might even think Issy and Go-Go look alike, and you’d be right…they’re sisters!  We hope Issy will stay with us as long as her sister!  Issy will be coming back this year as a Full Time Counsellor.

Issy is also 1st Aid / CPR certified.

Kid Keeper

Kripsy (or Krispy) is just finishing high school and then is off to University.  Kripsy finished off last summer as a Full Time Counsellor and will be coming back this summer as a Full Time Counsellor.  His creativity and fun demeanor will be a great addition to our Full Time team!

Kripsy is not only 1st Aid / CPR trained, he’s also a certified Life Guard! 

Kid Keeper

Yapper is working on her final year of University!  Yapper came to us last year (as a Full Time Counsellor), highly recommended by Virgo.  Yapper fit right in with our existing Kid Keepers and was great with the Junior groups!

Yapper will be coming back this year as a Full Time Counsellor.

Yapper is also 1st Aid / CPR certified.

K.K.I.T. Neon:

Neon has been a part of the Kidz Kamp family since 2012, when she was a Senior Kamper.  Neon joined our K.K.I.T. team the very next year and has been coming back every summer ever since!

Neon has been a tremendous asset to our team.  Unfortunately, Neon has moved to New Brunswick.  We’re hoping that she will be able to come back this summer as a Part Time Kid Keeper… we just have to convince her to spend the summer in Ontario!

Neon also took her 1st Aid / CPR training in 2017.

K.K.I.T. Brows:

Brows !  Another example of how we “promote from within”.