REGISTRATION WILL OPEN March 1st for 2018 Summer Session.

In order to complete the registration form you will need:
  • your child(ren)’s Health Card Number (including version code)
  • your child(ren)’s Doctor’s name & phone number
  • proper names and doses of any daily prescription medication your child(ren) takes
  • to complete all required fields in the registration form.

Once your registration and payment have been received you will receive a confirmation email.

By selecting the “Submit” button on the registration form, you are agreeing to all of the following:

  • Weeks are not considered to be registered for until payment has been received in full.
  • There is a non-refundable $40 administration fee per child per week if you wish to cancel any week of camp.
    • If written cancellation is received by the Director by June 15th, a refund (less the $40 administration fee/child/week) will be provided.
    • If written cancellation is not received by the Director by June 15th no refunds will be given.
    • No refunds will be given if your child(ren) miss the field trip as a result of being late or due to illness.
    • No refunds will be given if your child(ren) is(are) unable to attend any/all of the days for any reason.
    • No refunds will be given if your child(ren) are requested to leave the camp because they have acted in a violent and/or harmful manner to any of the other camp participants, the Counsellors, the Supervisor or the Director; or cannot follow instructions/directions which could immediately impact the safety of themselves or other camp participants, the Counsellors, the Supervisor or the Director.
  • The Drop Off / Pick Up Policy and our Late Policy.  (Click Drop Off-Pick Up-Late Policy do view PDF of policy.)
  • To release and indemnify Kidz Kamp Inc., its employees and volunteers from any claims for loss, injury to persons and property however caused, while participating in the chosen activity, which I, or any person claiming through me or on my behalf, may at any time have, arising out of or connected with the operation of the said activity.
  • I indemnify Kidz Kamp, its agents, and employees harmless from any and all claims, damages, or other liabilities or injuries to my child which are not a result of direct negligence of the staff.
  • Photos and video taken at Kidz Kamp Inc. remain the sole property of such, and that they may be used in future and current marketing campaigns.
  • Kidz Kamp Inc. can collect, use, disclose and store personal information for purposes of grouping campers, collecting/processing payments, and email or mailing promotional/marketing material.
  • Kidz Kamp Inc. and its employees and volunteers will arrange for and facilitate bussing campers to and from venues as necessary.
  • Kidz Kamp Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen clothing or any other items.
  • In the event that I cannot be reached at a time of illness or accident or if the situation does not permit enough time to contact me, Kidz Kamp Inc. is hereby authorized to contact the physician named on the application form.
    • If the physician cannot be reached, or if it an emergency, I give my permission for Kidz Kamp Inc. to call a reliable, licensed physician of its selection or take my child to the nearest medical centre.
    • The physician on duty may hospitalize, order injections, anesthetics, or surgery for my child.
    • I understand that any medical expenses incurred by such treatment are my responsibility.
  • I do hereby state that all statements made on the Application Form are correct. I understand that any statements made on the Application Form that are found to be false will result in the immediate termination of our agreement and forfeiture of my deposit.
  • I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree to all terms and conditions as stated in the application. I understand that a breach of any individual or combination of terms and conditions on my part may result in the immediate termination of our agreement and forfeiture of my deposit.
  • I certify that I am authorized to sign this release without the consent of any other person.
  • I understand that by making any false statements or consent may result in the termination of services without noticed and would forfeit any and all monies already paid to Kidz Kamp Inc.

NEW in 2017
– Kampers are now ages 5 to 13 & CITs are now ages 14 to 16.

Please call before completing registration to ensure there is room for your child(ren) – some weeks are full for some ages.